My first Magazine - Page 37

Harlequin - Eastwood Theatre for Youth Tue 17 – Sat 21 Jan 7.30pm each evening 2.30pm Sat matinee LOCAL THEATRE It may be January, but it’s never too late for panto… oh no it’s not! This year’s panto has its fair share of goodies and baddies, heroes and heroines, dafties and numpties and seven cheeky little forest dwellers to give you the perfect family night out. Come to see the beautiful, brave Snow White as she tries to escape the advances of Prince Rupert of Repugnia, boo loudly at her evil stepmother Vultura and laugh at the antics of the dwarfs. Maybe our January panto will extend the festive period just that wee bit longer! Tickets £12 – £14 Tickets also available from 07593 093028 or email Giffnock Theatre Players C Wed 25 – Sat 28 Jan M 7.30pm each evening Y 2.30pm Sat matinee CM MY Simon Gray’s elegiac tragi-comedy regarded as one of greatest plays of the 20th century, which was recently revived for London’s West End and starred Rowan Atkinson. In the corner of the Cull-Loomis School for English staff common room in Cambridge sits the lovable and ever so slightly preposterous St John Quartermaine. Of course he may be hopeless as a teacher but the old chap’s been there so long he’s now part of the furniture. But when a new principal is appointed, Quartermaine’s future is thrown into question… CY CMY K Tickets £10 – £15 ˙YX]\^Y\˘BXX[ٙ\ۈ]\^H\ܛX[\ŒX]܈0̌‚