My first Magazine - Page 34

HARRY POTTER BOOK NIGHT 5–12yrs LIBRARIES The Professors of Hogwarts is the theme for Harry Potter Book Night 2017. Enjoy a night of magical spells and activities. Free. No need to book. Thurs 2 Feb 5pm – 7.30pm In Barrhead Foundry, Clarkston, Giffnock and Mearns libraries. KICK START NEW YEAR All ages Stretch your mind, body and soul. Bring the whole family along for some brainteasers, body stretch and some healthy treats. No need to book. Sat 14 Jan, 1pm – 2pm Barrhead Foundry library and Giffnock library. BURNS NIGHT 5–12yrs After School Celebration of the life and works of Robert Burns. Have fun learning more about the traditions celebrating the life of Robert Burns with games, quizzes, arts and crafts. Free. Wed 25 Jan, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, All libraries. To book your place please contact the library. WORLD BOOK DAY All ages VALENTINE’S DAY CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE OF BOOKS Explore the pleasures of Show us how much you love reading and libraries by helping us decorate our library for valentine’s day with love heart chains, cards, bookmarks, poetry boards and much much more. Free. No need to bo GVRBfV"( 2B3ФƖ'&&W2ࠣ3@&2B&VFrvFW"7V6v&B&FvW27&gG2@VW2f"FRf֖ǒg&VRVVBF&ࠥFW"""23( 2B3Ф&'&VBfVG'6&7Fvff6BV&2Ɩ'&&W2V&r6W7627FfFW2BWfVG27&VB'FRƖ'&'4B&FW"V7@&Vg&Ww6&RƖ'&&W2fRV6V@'&BWr4B&Fr6W'f6RF@2VFf6BFRvV'6FRf"gVFWF2bWfVG2B7FfFW2Fp6RBW"6Ɩ'&'ࠠ