My first Magazine - Page 18

VISUAL ARTS We offer a range of visual arts projects, commissions and classes for all ages with more continually in development. Full details of all visual arts activity can be found on our website 18 V I S U AL AR T S Girls and Their Mothers and Only Words Showcase Kim Simpson East Renfrewshire Schools Delivered in partnership with East Renfrews &R6V6( 0WVƗFW2FV( v&2BFV FW'>( W֖W2VF&6FfGV266FBvF6W&W2bFw&2bFW BFVvFW'2g&֗V@W&FvR&6w&VG2vFFV@FVW7F66W&6WF( ǒv&G>( 6VvW2fWvW'02FW&Rf6VBvFvPf&VB'FR&67B&6W2@v&G2WW&V6VB'֗VG&6R6BƗfr66FBࠤW&RFR7&VF&R7FF&B`v&&GV6VB'FR@vW"'BbFW6vW2g&Ц7&72V7B&Vg&Ww6&R6V6F'662F2W&FWW0bW&W76fRBFW6vVG2v&RF72vV2'FfƖV6W2FBFV7G&FR7&VF&PFVBvFB7&VFfGg&FRgWGW&RvVW&Fb'F7G2ࠥ2&r"rW"F0Fw&66ࠠ