My first Magazine - Page 16

ONE MAN SHOE 5–11yrs BY JANGO STARR SPRING HOLIDAY THEATRE Monday 10 April, 2pm One Man Shoe, is a hilarious journey of silent physical theatre and slapstick comedy, following bumbling theatre caretaker Jango Starr as he is suddenly thrust into the limelight and has to perform. Performer Jango Starr, Directed by Gerry Mulgrew, with original music by Philip Pinsky, designed by Becky Minto and choreographed by Janis Claxton. Produced by SC²ENE ( Standard £6 “This hapless clown manages to make the most simple procedures laughably complex.” SCOTSMAN Catherine Wheels presents THE CURIOUS SCRAPBOOK OF JOSEPHINE BEAN 7+ Wednesday 12 April, 11am & 2pm “A truly wonderful show that will charm parents as much as their children.” The Stage Standard Family 16 £7 £24 Who was Josephine Bean? The wonderful and surprising secret is revealed with each turn of the page… Join the world renowned scrapologist, Patricia Barker, as she discovers the secrets held within the pages of a scrapbook. Everything is flat, pressed, squished. A dusty, musty smell mixes with the scent of old lavender and slowly, page-by-page, the scrapbook becomes a window into a secret world and a curious life unfolds before us.