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Honor Roll of Donors Class of 1977 (cont.) Patrons Steve and Stephanie Bloemer Mike and Leigh Ann Byrne Mary Beth Meyer Danker Wayne and Candie Huston Marcia Meyer-Stoner Skip and Jeanne Rasfeld Amy Rogers Schmidt Class of 1978 Archbishop McNicholas Society Jeff and Sheri Osterfeld Medaille Society John and Monica Adams Sarah Frank-Fogarty Steve and Colleen Hunt Principal’s Club Doug and Julie Kammerer Kevin and Debbie Tully Rocket Club Dave and Ann Custer Jean Prem Robison Green & White Club Greg and Robbin Gould David Mott Bill and Mary Rieke Patrons Greg and Julie Barnhill Roy Cotta Ed Donohoe Mary Sanders Heyl Carolyn Krug Landers Steve Massa Kathy Myers Wayne and Chris Schrand Judy Ollier Steigerwald Class of 1979 Principal’s Club Dave and Kim Feck Rocket Club Brian and Cathy Graham Green & White Club Jim and Connie Hay Mike and Julie Magness Patrons Jim and Lisa Billington MiMi Chamberlin Jeff and Joyce Fritz Donna Hale Grosser Steve and Anne Herbert John and Lisa Imbus Katie McClure Milissa Michel and Kenneth Seitzer Michael and Tracey Murphy Mary Beth Carroll Sandmann Mary Roth Seamon Trish Gallenstein Sullivan Sean and Courtney Talty Steve Taylor Barb Roesener Thornton Class of 1980 Principal’s Club Garth and Judy Turner Ron and Terri Schmidt Green & White Club Greg and Robbin Gould Patrons David and Jonna Chadwell Patty Hoeper Furterer Matt and Diane Grever Paul and Cindy Havlis Brett and Margaret Henry Steve Kurtz Greg and Mary Massa Bob and Kelly Sheehan Wayne and Teresa Stephens Charles Stumpf Dave Tobin Jim and Jackie Woll Class of 1981 Green & White Club Mike and Julie Magness Tom and Ruthann Zins Patrons Becky Carroll Ed Dadosky Mary Muchmore Hedrick Tom and Patti Mathews Anne Arnold McManus Melinda Wolterman Scheper Ed Stander Tom and Shari Taylor John and Leigh Tekulve Maureen Tobin Jeanne Vennemeyer Mary Ann Favret Wilson Jeff Witte Class of 1982 St. Joseph Society Timothy and M. Kathryn Jabin Rick and Beth Schimpf Principal’s Club Archbishop McNicholas High School Rod and Shari Herper Dave Rahner and Trish Powers