My first Magazine - Page 82

Bouquet of Thanks Since moving back to the new St Joseph’s Home in 2017, we have received compliments on the lush greenery, open style living concept and facilities such as the hydropool. In truth, we are very blessed to have the luxury of space. There are those to whom much less has been given but are yet able to create wonderful places for people to grow older in. I honour them and remind myself that with great blessing comes great responsibility to be good stewards of all that God has given. I am thus immensely grateful to the countless people who have helped us to build the home that we have today. ♥ Ex-Chairmen of Catholic Welfare Services (CWS), the late Brother Emmanuel and the late Dr Ee Peng Liang whose vision and openness to experiment helped kickstart many new services. ♥ CWS Ex-Honorary Secretary Cyril Chew ♥ Current CWS Chairman Thomas Tan, board members and staff for your support of our ideas for the new St Joseph's home ♥ MOH and AIC, for your guidance throughout our transformation journey ♥ All the architects, contractors and workers, without your contribution, this home would not be here today ♥ The previous and current Canossian Sisters, especially my immediate Ex-Provincial Council Sr Theresa Seow, Sr Christina Yeo and Sr Dorothy Lim, as well as the Lay Canossian family and alumni, for all your support and tireless 80 | St Joseph’s Home dedication to live the mission of our foundress and of the joy of Jesus. ♥ To all the staff of the home and to the bishops and Y\Z[\\\\]X[BiBH[HYوHYH[H\[Y\Z[\\\\]X[BiBHHX[H[Y\ۛܜ˜[\\۝X][ۈ\X[B[Y iBHXX[[YYH[܈[[]HX\HY\و\XY^[H[ۛܜ’]\[H[XY[[H[[X[H[[[YH[\[\YH[[Z[H܂ۜܚ[H[[و\XX][ۋ[ݚ[ܝ\ H[ܙX]HHX[YB\H\Y[[\\H\ܛ[\[H^Z[ۛXYH\\\ۙ\[][]K\[܈]^\و[[˜[و[[܈\\\^\][¸'][\)[\ [J\['H ZH NL K܈[[K\[XH[[B\H܈\X\[]^\[Y\X[HX^HHYYY]][[[X]\Yܝ\[HZH[YHX\ X\[Y\ Y][H\X\\HY]YX[BY\[Y\]X[]HوYH܈\\Y[˂ۙ][\[\]Y\[ݘ]KH]\[œYYX\[X[Yۚ]H[H\ۘ[X [[K8&[\HܙZ[H\K[Z[š]Z[\X\&H [H LΌJK[\H۝[YB\ۈ\Z\[ۈ[]HH[Y\\\]Y\[H]\\H[8&X\\x&BH\X\[ܘ[[Y\ H[Hو]H\BHHH\H[Y\KY\\X\[Z[]ۈ[H\ۙ[HYYوHܛ[]\H[ܙX]BH]^\Y[HوYZ[܈\[\[\X\ۙ\˂܈\[[H[^X]]H\X܋\ Y