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foreword My dearest Collaborators, Benefactors, Friends and Residents of St Joseph’s Home, It is with much joy that I congratulate the management of St Joseph’s Home on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. St Joseph’s Home may be the oldest Catholic nursing home in Singapore, but it certainly has not allowed itself to be overtaken by time. Its management is forward-looking, anticipatory of the aspirations of its residents, and realistic and innovative in facing the challenges of the day. More importantly, even as it moves to embrace the future, its leaders have not forgotten the core mission of its founders, Catholic Welfare Services and the Canossian Sisters, which is to bring the touch of Christ to the aged and destitute, regardless of race or religion. One of the newest initiatives is to bring children into the picture by having an infant and childcare centre within the nursing home grounds. This is driven in equal parts by pragmatism - to attract new parents to work at the home - and aspiration – to encourage interaction between the young and the older residents, thereby enabling greater mutual understanding and hence respect for each other. And whoever shall give, even to one of the least of these, a cup of cold water to drink, solely in the name of a disciple: Amen I say to you, he shall not lose his reward .” Matthew 10:42 40 years since the home began operations, people still yearn for good care, companionship and the chance to lead a productive and meaningful life. “ But the way care is delivered today can no longer be the same, given the perennial challenge of finding enough care staff to look after its residents. St Joseph’s Home has leveraged technology to increase the amount of time care staff have with residents through the introduction of tele-geriatrics. This allows partnering doctors from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to consult with residents remotely, saving both parties travel time and in some cases, the need for ambulance services. They even provide residents with wireless call-bells which are worn around the wrist, so that nursing help can be activated without having to wake the entire room of residents. However, even with a greater use of technology, we must keep in mind that the personal touch of service cannot be compromised. The residents are not just looking for physical comfort but for love, understanding and personal care and even spiritual nourishment. The best service we can give to the residents is a personalized service with a smile and always with a heart of compassion, understanding, patience and sensitivity to their needs. I am sure St Magdalene of Canossa, the Foundress of the Canossian Sisters, will be proud to see that the work started by her Sisters in Singapore 40 years ago have not only grown from strength to strength, but that it is poised to remain a cornerstone of the Catholic Church’s legacy to Singaporeans in years to come. May you continue to let the presence of Christ be evident in the lives of those you touch, especially the poor BFRFW7FGWFRf"B2FW6RFB6&7@GvV2rV7B&WbvƖvBB"7B6W( 2P&6&6b6v&