My first Magazine - Page 38

Serving to Change BUILD-TO-ORDER New Services, Better Programmes The all new St Joseph’s Home has been variously described as a resort, a 5-star hotel and an upmarket home. Yet it was never designed to be a luxurious escapade but a sanctuary for spiritual beings on a human quest for meaning and purpose. What you see is what we feel is necessary to enhance our residents’ well-being. So even if money was not always readily available, we did not let that stop us from doing what we felt had to be done. We just went and looked for the funds. Thank you generous donors! So to those who still think we are ‘rich’, we say God gives when we ask not for ourselves but for His people. We highlight here several of the new build-to-order spaces, services and programmes: S P A C E S THE FUNHOUSE H[\H [ܜܘ][HYH[XHZ\[ۊH\HXܙX][ۘ[K\[\H܈[Y\[ۛHXK]\]\H[][]HX]]܈HXX\Y[[Y]\[]ۛۙH[\]\]8&\B[\[ۈHYHH H\\وH\\\ۙ\XX\H\Y[˜\H[Y[H^K]Y^HوYK[HXX[H][HوH\Y[˂[][]Hܚ[YY\\H\]ܛ\܈XX[]]H˜YK]]\[H[\H[\X[]][ݙ[HY\ۈXH\BY[\H[]ٛ[Y[[HXH[YK͈\8&\Y