My first Magazine - Page 32

Serving to Change HOW THE NEW HOME CAME TO BE The Ticking Time Bomb Entering the old St Joseph’s Home in Jurong West was like stepping into the warm embrace of Mother Nature. Her chirping birds, lively koi and lush greens made the place feel like a resort chalet rather than an institutional residence. It was as if time had stood still. But in reality, it was ticking its impending ‘expiry’ on 5 April 2019. When the decision was made in 1989 to move from its original Gek Poh Road site to a bigger and better facility, a 30-year lease was signed for the land at Jurong 30 | St Joseph’s Home West. At that time, 30 years seemed a long way off. But once into the 21st Century, the sad fate became clearer as the deadline loomed. The Alternative? With the land lease up, St Joseph’s Home wo ձٔѼ)͔ѥQѕɹѥٔ)́ѼɕͽѼɕ)ѡ͔ḾMȁɅQ)ݡ݅́ɕѡᕍѥٔ)ɕѽȁѡѡq$)́܁ݔձɽٔ)ѡ͕ͥ٥́ѡ)Q́݅́ͼѡѥ)ݡɔݕɔ͡ݥ)̃a͕ϊdѡхѥѥ̸M) ѡ]ɔ)M٥̀ ]L)Ѽɕ)ѡ͔ݥѠ)ɽͅt)MȁɅե))ɍѕЁɥ́)ͭ͡ե)݅ɑ̰ѕѡ)ܵɥ͔ѽɕ䁉ɥ)ե́Ѽͥѽɕ䁉̸)Q䁑͍Ʌȁͅ她ѡ)ե́ݕɔٕȀ啅́)ѡ́չեхȁ݅ɐ)ѕͥѕȁѥ݅)Ѽѕȁݸɕեq$)ͅѡЁٕ͍́ɥtM)Ʌɕ̰q Ёѡ