My first Magazine - Page 24

Serving with Nothing “The whole experience opened my eyes to end stage disease management and till today, I apply the same principles in my clinic. Beyond treating my patients’ illnesses, I also listen to what they want and if they have any special request. “ Dr Lee in 1974 As a regular, Dr Lee had the chance to observe the Sisters up close. “Regardless of race or religion, they helped whoever approached them for aid, with whatever resources they had. And never once did they use the opportunity to try and convert others to their religion. That’s what makes me respect and admire them.” Convinced about the impact they were having on residents, Dr Lee rallied his peers Dr Quek Peng Kiang and Dr Philip Tan to accompany him on his weekly visits. The trio quickly became a fixture in the home, providing crucial support to the Sisters. 22 | St Joseph’s Home When the call came for services to be set up to help those with terminal illnesses, Dr Lee said “let’s just do it, let’s provide total and holistic palliative care and make sure the residents are pain-free and comfortable.” That meant no more invasive procedures like scans, endoscopies and intravenous drips. But not all in the medical fraternity supported what they did. Yet Dr Lee stood his ground as he could see the positive effects such care had on the residents and their family members and “that’s what mattered”. To enhance the doctors’ skill and knowledge in hospice and palliative care, the three men were sent to St Christopher’s Hospice in the UK for a month-long training stint, all expenses courtesy of the late Dr Ee Peng Liang. On their return, the steady guidance of hospice stalwarts like Dr C ѡȁ)5ɥѡȁѕɕѡ)ɽ٥Ս)ɔMՍɔɱ䁽)ɕȁ݅́Ѽѡ݅)1Ʌѥ͕ȁѡ)Ё啅̸+qQݡɥ)䁕́Ѽх)͕͔Ёѥ)ѽ䰁$ѡͅɥ)䁍 役ɕѥ)ѥϊd͕̰$ͼѕѼ)ݡЁѡ݅Ёѡ䁡ٔ)ɕՕиȁѡ͔)ݥѠѕɵ̰$ݥх)ѥѼɱѼѡ)䁵́ɕٕ)ѡѥ̰ɽͥ)Ёѥٔɔ)$ݥ՝ЁѡЁѡ䁙)ѥٔЁ)ЁѼɕٔՙɥ)ɑ$)䁙Ѽѡͅȁ)ݡѥ̻t)1ѥ)ٽչѕɥ́)ɔѽȁ܁ѡݡ)Ёхѕqٕѡ)ɥ٥ѼѽȰ$)ѡհɅѕհЁ)䁑ѼٔѼͽ䁥)ѡ́ɕt݅́ѡéյ)ݕȸM