My first Magazine - Page 12

Serving with Nothing Laying the foundation for the first home But with almost no resources, how were the sisters to start a home? Help came in the form of the late ‘Father of Charity’ Dr Ee Peng Liang. Sr Mary said, “He simply told us ‘you look after the poor and I’ll take care of the fundraising’. The result was one million dollars raised and St Joseph’s Home was born. dance! Sr Maria organised the Christmas pageants and sewed all the costumes herself. We had nothing then but we felt good working t ѡȁ́今t)Qե䁙Ѽ)ѡձ䁽Ѐ)ɕ̹ͥQMѕ́)ѽȸMݡѡ䁡ɐ)ѡЁȁ1 1)݅ѕѼٽչѕȁݥѠѡ)Ё݅́չՍ͙հM)5ݕݥѠ)ɵ̸ȁ1éЁ 1)ٕՔ݅́Ёݸѡɽ)ɽѡѼѡ́䰁)ɕ́aɕͥЁd)1ͅ܁Ѽ͕ͥ́԰)ٕȁѡa ѕd)͕́Ёɽѥ)ѕ̰ѕͥ)  dMQAL)Q䁽(ȀݥѠɥɥ)ѼѡɕЁȸ)ѡȁ䁅ͥɥѕɥ+q]ͅѡ͔ݡ)ЁѼ݅]ݕɔ)ɅݔձЁѡ)ɥͼٕ役Ѽ)tMȁ5䁕)]ѡЁՍɕͽɍ̰ѡ)Mѕ́Ёٕѡ)ѡ͕ٕ̰q酉Ѡ)ݡ5ɥхѡ)$͕ѡɕ̸ͥ])հɔͥ)́ݼݕ̸Q)ɕЁݕɔٽչѕ́Ց)ɥ́ݡх՝Ёѡ)ɕͥ́܁Ѽɽ݅(MЁ)͕é!))]ѡ)ɕͥ́ѡ)ɱ啅