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T HE P ROVOST AND V ICE P RESIDENT Dr. Ellen D. Smiley was born in Homer, Louisiana. At an early age she began singing and playing piano. As a young performer, she and her sister performed concerts throughout the United States and recorded several gospel selections. While in high school, she worked at the Claiborne Parish Clerk of Court Office and became the first black Deputy Clerk of Court for Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. After graduating from Homer High School a number of universities sought Smiley because of her academic record and her musical gifts. Her parents, the late Charlie J. Smiley and the late Etta H. Smiley – both Gramblinites, encouraged her to attend Grambling State University. Smiley believes that this was one of the best decisions she ever made. She earned the baccalaureate and master’s degrees from Grambling State University and the doctorate from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in Higher Education Administration. She was recruited to Grambling State University to assist with the development of the Honors College in 1990, but did not transition from her job until 1991. Over the span of her career, Smiley has served in many capacities in addition to her work with the honors college. She has served as the Assistant Dean of the Honors College, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Executive Assistant to the President. She is a member of the President’s Executive Council, the University’s Budget and Priorities Committee, and numerous other university committees. Dr. Smiley also served as President of the Grambling State University Faculty Se FRf"V&W"bV'2F266G6R767FVBvFFRW7F&Ɨ6VBBF76V֖Fbf7VGW&B7&V6W2@G&gFVBFRF7VVB( FRvBFR&BBFRVvǞ( v6767FVBvFFRW7Ff6Ff 'VFrFRWrW&f&֖r'G2'VFrv2FR6&BWF66"W&f&֖r'G06VFW"7W'&VFǒ6R6W'fW22FVbFRV&W7FW"6R'26VvR766FR&fW76"`VGV6FvW&R6RFV6W2f"FRVGV6FVFW'6&w&B&f7BBf6P&W6FVBf"6FV֖2ff'2G"6֖Wv2V&W"bFRVwW&672bVvrfVw2&w&FB&W&W0VfW'6GF֖7G&F'2f"6W'f6R2VfW'6Gf6R&W6FVG2"&W6FVG2W"&fW76'0GW&rFRV"rVvrfVw66VFVBG"g&VBV&W2G"&R4FVBG"'F6VG2G"vƖFTVFW"G"6W"6BFW"7W'&VBBf&W 7F&6ǒ&66VvRBVfW'6G&W6FVG2G"6֖W2V&Ɨ6VB&6FW'2w&GFVw&G2B6W'fVB267VFBBwVW7@7VW"f"f&W2VGV6F7FGWF2V6FW'26VG&v旦F2@6W&6W26R6FVW2Fv&FV6R'GVFW2f"&FVFW&w&GVFRBw&GVFP7GVFVG2G"6֖W2FR&W6FVBbFRV66VvFR'26V6426R0'&VBFG"&'&VFf&BFWfR26G&V( 2&VF72B6F6FV֖2fWv&vR