My first Magazine - Page 30

A RMY ROTC/ M ILITARY S CIENCE The Grambling State University, "Tiger Battalion," Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program is 100% focused on providing the Army with quality, competent, agile and adaptive leaders as commissioned officers. Students who participate in the military science program enhance their underst [[وXY\\[]HHܙX]\\XX][ۈ܈^[[K\^H\ۙHوH\XY\\ܘ[\[B[H[[HH\و[\YH\X[[KX\[XYHHXY\XZ\[\YB^\Y[H][X\[\\\[H܈H]\KXY[ZX^[[H\H8'\[ܚ]x'H܈[Y[[Y[Hܘ[X[\^Hܘ[KY[X\XY[ZXX\\HX[\\Y\Z[\]]\HXY[ZX][ H\[˜XY[ZXYX][H[[Z][]X[]HZ[[[X\[ۈXZ[\^HY[˜Z[H\\H^YY[\[\\X\وXY\\][Y[[XY[ZX[B\ܛKXY[ZXY]؛”YH