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COPGS Tiger Showcase Angela Davis is a proud member of the Grambling State University Class of 2000 earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication - Broadcast Journalism. After graduation, Angela moved to Atlanta and worked for DHL Express for 9 years, where she served as an information systems area manager for their shipping and logistics. Her life after DHL then took a creative turn. She decided to use her broadcast skills in business and with a friend launched Jersey Girl Sports, a multi-media lifestyle brand for female sports fans. She's since covered major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Daytona 500 and the PGA, and she has interviewed many athletes including Michael Strahan, Danica Patrick, Michael Vick, Deion Sanders and many more. Angela is also an accomplished actress. She teaches professional acting and has appeared in commercials, television and film including Tyler Perry's House of Payne, If Loving You Is Wrong, and will be in upcoming films "Cell", "The Accountant", and "Creed". While at GSU, Angela was very active serving as a member of the American Marketing Association, Student Government Association, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Golden Key National Honors Society, Earl Lester Cole Honors College, and the Society of Professional Journalists, among others. Angela Davis currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she maintains her GUNAA membership, and is active in her church and other civic and social organizations. Joslyn Pennywell i 2g&FRVBfvRbV67W'&VFǒ6R0&W6Fr6Ɩf&W'7VrW"FVƖr7FrB7Fr6&VW"6R0F6WfVrf&W"6FW7FBFRB5rFVWf66r( W&6( 2W@FFV( 6R2FV7G&W727BvF7&F2Bv2Bw&&Ɩr7FFPVfW'6Gw&GVFR6RV&VBFR&6V"b66V6RFVw&VRvVV@B7FW"b66V6RFVw&VR7&֖W7F6Rg&u5Rद6ǖ2f&W"V&f6f"FVB2&VVfVGW&VBf0B6W&626R2v&VBFRFVƖrB7FrfVBf"fW"V'2B2FW&VBFRVFVB7FFW26FBFR&2FVƖp6WGW&R6Fr6ǖ26FRf&W"F֗72U2#b#rvVB&VWGVVV6RfW2fVFVW&rvFW"6VG2vV2vFFffW&VB&fB&v旦F27V60W&6&VB7&727F&ƖvB7F"'&vB6G&V( 2fVFFF2f"FG2B6&7F2f"FPVFW&ǒv66R7F'FVBW"6VGBw&&Ɩr7FFRVfW'6G6ǖv2V&W"bFPV&W7FW"6R'26VvRB'F6FVBV&W"b6W'f6RV&r&V7G2RbFR7@V&&R&V7G2v2'VFrvF&FBf"FRVFW2BFRgVW"6VFW"द6ǖ( 2GF2( WfW"vfRW( &V6W6R6R7G&vǒ&VƖWfW2FBFw2&R76&RF&Vv6&7BvR#P6FV֖2fWv&