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Accounting, Economics and Information Systems (AEIS) The Department of Accounting, Economics and Information Systems provides students with the foundation for graduate study and/or career pursuits in Accounting, Financial Economics, or Computer Information Systems. The department assists students in the development of problem-solving, effective communication, and the use-of- technology skills. The department offers various activities aimed at involving the students and exposing them to various career opportunities in accounting, economics and information system, including the National Association of Black Accountants, the Economics and Finance Club, and the Association of Information Technology Professionals. Possible CAREERS in accounting include work as a certified public accountant, chief financial officer, budget analyst, or controller. The knowledge and skills acquired by financial economics majors can be applied in many career directions, including government, private industry, international trade, investment banking, and numerous business applications. Career path positions in information systems include computer systems analyst, database administrator, and network and computer systems administrator. Management and Marketing The Department of Management and Marketing assists students in the development of knowledge and skills essential for successful entry into business-related CAREERS and professions, such as entrepreneurship, human resources, public relations, advertising, sales, management operations, and market research. The department offers a concentration in Hospitality Tourism Management. Careers that may be pursued in this field are management of hotels, restaurants, retail food sales to include catering, and managing entertainment venues such as resorts, spas, convention and visitor bureaus, conference centers, and cruise lines. Intermediate Accounting Class & Nonso Okpala, Instructor/NABA Advisor Page 19 The department sponsors and supports the American Marketing Association, which sponsors the Annual Marketing Career Conference; the Students in Free Enterprise organization; and the Management Club, which sponsors professional development activities such as seminars on how to start a business, job search strategies, surviving corporate politics, and field trips. Cisco Invitational Sales Competition (CISComp) on the campus of GSU Academic Viewbook