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COB Tiger Showcase Ja’Qualan Ja’Mall Keal is a senior from Jeanerette, Louisiana. He is an honors student and a double major pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Economics with a minor in Management. He is a member of the Earl Lester Cole Honors College. While at Grambling State University, Ja’Qualan has participated in many campus organizations. He is a member of the Grambling State University “World Famed” Tiger Marching Band and currently serves as the Drum Major. Ja’Qualan is the president of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Fraternity, Incorporated. He is also the president of Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Incorporated. He participated in the College of Business’ Student Professional Development Program during the 2015-2016 academic year. Ja’Qualan was selected as one of the University’s distinguished Student Ambassadors, an esteemed and essential role for student leaders to assist the Enrollment Management Team with recruitment of future Gramblinites. He is a member of the Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB) and a former member of the Student Government Association (SGA). Keal was selected as an intern for the City of Lafayette’s Auditing Department during the summer of 2016. Martin Lemelle currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Grambling State University. In this capacity, his major focus is to lead and improve university operations. Prior to his current role, Martin worked for IRG (Industry Retail Group) where he led and developed the Business Administration department. In this capacity, he was responsible for managing client and vendor relationships and ensuring favorable agreements and terms. The Business Administration team manages the prequalification of client sites, generation of sales orders, and analysis of pricing. Martin is a competent practitioner of fiscal management and transformative business leader. His career began at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the audit practice; he then transitioned to the consulting field with IBM where he led the development of the cooperative orientation program for the consultant practice. He is a certified Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma and graduate of General El V7G&>( 2f6vVVB&w&vW&RRW6VVBf&W2f6R&W26VFr7Wǒ66G&W'6Bf6rBǗ62&"F$r'Fv2FRF&V7F"b6W0f&FBǗ62BFVfG2B#&V6VBbFR6V`WV7WFfRff6W.( 2v&Bf"W6VV6Rf6RVVR2v7VVFRw&GVFRbu5RvF"2FVw&VR66VFrvR7GVFVB@w&&Ɩr'F6W'fVB27GVFVB&G&W6FVBBV&6bFRv66FW"b6g&FW&G6'&FVBRV&VBFR7FW"b'W6W72F֖7G&F$7G&FVv0vVVBBV&Ɩ2Ɩ7g&FRvV&vRv6wFVfW'6Gv6wFB2vRp6FV֖2fWv&