My first Magazine - Page 6

Sticky Leaf Applications 01. 소중하게 기억하기 memo To remember preciously Now, Record your precious everyday life at the memo pad that has sensibility of nature, ‘Sticky Leaf’ instead of the square normal shaped memo pad. The Memo that someone who I love or my best friend has written, Until now, there are so many memories that is left out with no definite idea. If you write into Sticky Leaf, it will become to valuable remember, even though it is the same story. The Sticky Leaf that make to want to store even simple message. Please give a present with memo that be written at Sticky Leaf with pretty word even though simple word. 이제 네모나고 평범한 메모지는 버리고 자연 감성 메모지 스티키리프에 소중한 일상을 기록하세요. 내가 좋아하는 사람이, 내 가장 친한 친구가 적어주었던 메모들. 오랫동안 추억할 수 있도록 스티키리프에 적어보세요. 같은 이야기라도 스티키리프에 적은 이야기는 잊을 수 없는 소중한 추억이 됩니다. 06