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St Joseph’s Statue St Joseph at the old home St Joseph at the new home Bougainvillea in new home Old Home Bougainvillea plants WHAT IS IT? The home’s equivalent of the Vanda Ms Joaquim, the humble bougainvillea is a fixture everywhere you turn. At the new home, the vines and bushes weave their way across the residential building facade among other structures, adding colour and greenery to an otherwise drab exterior. YEAR OF BIRTH: 1978 WHY IT MATTERS: It’s the home’s ‘National Flower’. It is also a symbol of resilience, reminding us of the need to stay strong in tough times. Once their roots are established, ‘bous’ need very little water to survive. WHAT IS IT? For over three decades, he has stood watch over the home with the calm assurance of a father and steady gaze of a moth er at her child. He continues to bear witness to life’s pivotal moments as the home enters a new phase of her life, this time with very young children in tow. . YEAR OF BIRTH: 1980s. He came into the accidental possession of the home after the Redemptorists - a community of Catholic priests - gave it to the Sisters while its rightful owner Fr O’Neil was on holiday. Fr O’Neil had bought the statue from Italy. Upon seeing that the statue gave visitors and residents peace, Fr O’Neil too felt at ease leaving it at the home. WHY IT MATTERS: Through its pioneering work in caring for the dying, the home which bears his name has become synonymous with good hospice care in Singapore. Regarded as the earthly father of Jesus and husband of His mother Mary, St Joseph is also the patron saint of families and working people, all of whom make up a good number of visitors to the home. The Life of St Magdalene of Canossa WHAT IS IT? She is the foundress of the Canossian Sisters’ Catholic Order - Canossian Daughters of Charity - and they have been running St Joseph’s Home since day one. Born into Italian nobility in the city of Verona, Italy, St Magdalene chose to dedicate her life to the sick, the poor and the dying instead. She was also involved in the education of girls. Her enduring spirit lives on in the work of the Sisters as well as through the legion of lay canossians - ordinary people - who have chosen to follow in St Magdalene’s footsteps to be witnesses of God’s love in society. YEAR OF BIRTH: Born in 1774, St Magdalene founded the Canossian Daughters of Charity in 1808 WHY IT MATTERS: Her riches-to-rags story is a daily reminder to stay humble and focused on our calling in life. It is also an inspiration to use our talents for the greater good of the community. St Joseph’s Home | 7