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Changing to Serve But won’t the interaction open the children up to ‘diseases’ in the home? It’s a complete myth that a nursing home is full of diseases that can be caught on by anyone who walks in. Many of the residents come in with prior conditions like stroke, hip fractures, dementia, heart ailments, none of which is infectious. Should a senior happen to have the flu, they will simply sit out of the activity. This goes the other way too. A sick child will not be allowed to interact with the senior who is perhaps as vulnerable as the child. Coming to a nursing home is thus as ‘dangerous’ as going to a public area with other people. The converse is true Seniors who enter a home have very little opportunity to interact with the public especially children. This lack of social interaction raises their risk of falling ill with conditions like depression. Creating this unique space amid lush greenery thus offers that “rare opportunity for both generations to come together to play, learn and just enjoy one another’s company,” says Infant and Childcare Principal Frances Yap. Did you know? hers have to be trained in ● All infant and childcare teac child first aid? teach, they also counsel, ● Childcare teachers don’t just the young ones. On le cajo clean up after, carry and t planners, costume even e -tim part top of that, they’re short, they’re almost makers, doctors and nurses. In superhuman! month than you probably ● Teachers eat more cake in a ’s birthday ry would in your lifetime (eve child if even cake a with has to be celebrated th!) mon e sam the in 10 birthdays fall 76 Home 76 | | St St Joseph’s Joseph’s Home