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Changing to Serve Talking Point What do our neighbours think of nursing homes, seniors and ageing? Students sharing their ambitions “When I’m 65 years old, I’d be at a Taylor Swift concert,” says one child. Others think they would be travelling the world, fulfilling their childhood dreams (one wants to be a scientist) and sharing stories with their grandchildren. Yet older adults as we know today are more concerned about their health and wealth. What happened over the years? How can we create a way for us to grow older with hope and aspiration rather than dread and trepidation? To help us understand how our community feels about ageing and eldercare spaces, we started in November 2017 a series of show-dialogues that use drama elements like props and temporary human installations to tease out the participants’ thoughts and emotions. The three key questions we sought answers to were: ◆ What do you think of nursing homes / seniors? ◆ How / When is a nursing home relevant to me? ◆ How can a nursing home play a bigger role in the community it’s in? 72 Joseph’s Home 72 | | St St Joseph’s Home