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Back to the Future 2058 What’s your schedule like today? Packed to the rafters? Work-life balance almost non-existent? Could you imagine yourself doing next to nothing once you hit 65, the state’s official entry age to seniorhood? We dare you to go on a fast next month. Wipe every meeting / event / activity and all your to-do lists off your calendar and just be. If you live to tell the tale, we would love to hear from you. The reality is that most people who come into a nursing home today don’t get to do what they used to while they were living at sun home. Yes, lack of mobility is a key factor but if we could imagine a different way of ageing, one that allows us to continue engaging in our hobbies, lunches with friends and dinners with family, how would that nursing home look and feel like? No matter our age, we have the chance to determine how our future selves can experience life when we get older. Mondays don’t have to look like Tuesdays and January shouldn’t feel like February or March. Since moving back to the mon tues wed newly redeveloped St Joseph’s Home in 2017, we have started the Night Cafe series, introduced beauty spa moments, kickstarted art jamming sessions, opened for business our shopping pushcarts and grown an edible herb garden. We are writing a new narrative for how we can all age and we’re only at chapter one. Let’s imagine together a future that better encourages and supports ageing in a way that only we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. thurs February 2058 3 10 17 4 8am work meeting 11 18 5 meet Hon anniversary dinner 19 25 26 Bintan getaway 70 | St Joseph’s Home 2 meet best buds lunch 7 8 9 13 14 15 16 20 wish Jon-Jon happy b-day / train for half- marathon! Parents- teachers conf 4pm / train train train! 21 27 28 volunteer at shelter Mum’s 80th birthday River Pier restaurant Movie date night 22 *half marathon* meet classmates dinner 24 1 sat 6 work trip starts 12 fri 23 SPA day with the gals