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3 BA R GA Start down low then work your way up. But never settle for the first price you hear. There’s always room for improvement especially when it comes to spending your precious dollars. IN 4 SHARE Don’t b on the e selfish. L et oth cute it er amid the ar ems you’d s in ray of spotte have go a w d So the ay of com ods. Thing s ing fu more ll circ more y le. you re ou share, the ceive lets y . Shar ou sa ing al m straw so berrie ple the las t of th s your boug e ht or t neigh o b shaw l for h barter trad our er han e you r dbag . 5 Want a lipstick in a dark purple shade? Or a size 32 pair of shoes? Talking helps to break the ice and to let them remember your wishlist. Besides, it helps to know what the volunteers will be hawking the next time so you can decide to either save or spend your dollars. CHAT THE F WITH VOLU RIENDLY NTEE RS. St Joseph’s Home | | 67 67 St Joseph’s Home