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Changing to Serve ONE BIG COMMUNITY 5 Shop like a Pro with these Tips You’d think our residents would have forgotten how to spot and snare a great deal now that they’re more limited in their movement. But a new volunteer shopping project has been giving them good practice such that they probably make better shoppers than those of us schooled in the online art of buying. Goin-a-Shoppin lets volunteers plan their preferred themes, obtain the items to sell (anything from dim sum to axe oil and fashion magazines) and print the paper currency used to ‘buy’ the items. Since the project kicked off in July 2017, we’ve been observing our residents to glean these 5 tips that’ll make you look more pro than amateur shopper. 1 R TH EAD E B Y, HE E e h t L t a L, AR ver repe teers ne take. n lu o v GO r Ou ute they art on ro t r a c h t ! pus ay s k they m el 4. This wee next round, lev e h he same level 2, t having t rs id o v a This is to hop the leftove s s und to resident been ro ’s t r a c after the lusters. What r c g of the othe he ringin art’s t is d te is repea als the c hat sign t ll e ar it, b e th e you he c n o o S rail and arrival. e holy g h t e k li follow it dibs. get first 2 K S A For discounts, deals and spec ial promos. Somet imes they’ll th row in a nice bag fo r free. Or offer a one-for-one. Th e prices listed on the chalkboards? They’re the lis t price as opposed to th e wholesale, co st and net price which you could get if you just asked. 66 | St Joseph’s Home