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6 ASK FOR SIDES AND TOPPINGS. Fancy the company of Wang Sa and Ye Fong, the Laurel and Hardy of the East or a piping hot cup of milo with cream crackers? Don’t be shy, ask for it. We’ve also got Anita Sarawak, kopi O, teh, magazines and the list goes on. 8 7 ASK FOR A HOUSE CALL. For residents who can’t get out and about, our volunteers make special ‘house calls’ for bedside facials, nail finishes and haircuts. But services are limited and we can’t giggle as much as we’d like in case we annoy the neighbours. LADYBIRD, LADYBIRD WHERE DO YOU ROAM? If you look closely, you’ll find these black and red beetles painted into the 3D backdrop of The Giggle Palace. But they’ve been carefully camouflaged into the brick wall by our volunteer professional artists (above, from left) Derrick, Daniel and Lynette who created the entire Giggle Palace backdrop. How many ladybirds can you find? St Joseph’s Home | 65