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Changing to Serve WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE AT WORK? angry. Now, I think harder about what I have to do so I won’t be so angry anymore. Lay Lay: Language. The residents ask for simple things, but we do not always understand. So we have to read their body language to guess what they want. If we don’t, some of the residents may get angry. We hug them and hold their hands to show them that we love them. Or we even kiss their cheeks. Joylyn: I came to work here when I was still very young, only 25 years old. It was my first salaried job. Previously, I was helping out in my sister’s clinic as an assistant. After experiencing the pain of losing my father through cancer, I was hoping really hard not to be assigned to the hospice section. After all, most hospice patients suffer cancer and I did not want to deal with those hurting memories regarding the death of my father. When I was transferred to hospice care, I prayed very hard to God that He would not take any of these resident during my shift. However, God took one of them away while I was HOW DOES YOUR WORK IMPACT YOU? Su Su: I was very timid and hot- tempered when I first came here. When I didn’t know how to do something, I would find it difficult to ask. Then, I would get very ILOVEA M. CASTANEDA JANIGI MOHAN Senior Nurse Manager Singapore Been with St Joseph’s Home for: 10 years Staff Nurse Ilocos Sur, Philippines Been with St Joseph’s Home for: 8 years still holding the resident’s hand. Slowly, I learnt to face the grief of losing my father so that I can become the person that the others need. Eliza: I was still young when I came to work here. In the Philippines, life was really different. I think one of the obstacles I faced was the fear of patients dying during my duty. The nuns were on call when a patient was dying under my watch for the first time. I was really scared. At the start, I would keep a notebook to write down who had died. After a while, the names started adding up so I stopped doing it. I was also no longer scared. I slowly learnt to hold hands with the dying residents too. JOYLYN HORTILLOSA Nursing aide Iloilo, Philippines Been with St Joseph’s Home for: 7.5 years JENEFFER PABILLAR Nursing aide Quezon, Philippines Been with St Joseph’s Home for: 5 years 52 | St Joseph’s Home