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RIDING THE DIGITAL WAVE You’re not feeling too good and the nurses think a trip to the doctor’s is needed. Off you go, not to the nearest hospital, but to the treatment room on level 3. “Hi Mdm Tan, kim zei le zo ni muaeh? (how are you today in Teochew) The doctor peers into his camera at Mdm Tan. “Bor hor la” says Mdm Tan. “Lai, mang mang da” (come, tell me what is the problem) “Wa gai dou lor...jing tia…” (it’s my stomach...very painful…) With the help of a swivel camera, monitor and internet access, the doctors at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital can see any resident at St Joseph’s Home without stepping out of their office. Our residents meanwhile, need only get in a wheelchair and head for the treatment room. Tele-geriatrics or Tele-G has helped to cut down on the number of hospital trips and allowed the nursing home team to make prompt referrals and avert unnecessary hospital admissions. Through teleconferencing, the care team can make more accurate diagnoses and observe body language that may not otherwise come across through phone consultation. Apart from Tele-G, St Joseph’s Home is also trying out a wireless call bell system where residents who need help press a button on their wrist watch and the signal is sent to the nurse’s mobile device. Says Assistant Director of Nursing Sr Gillian Beins “Unlike hospitals where the call alert will be displayed on every screen and most times accompanied by a beeping sound, here, it’s silent. The idea is that we want this to be more like a home than an institutional setting.” St Joseph’s Home | 49