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Changing to Serve Novemb er 2016 3 months before At Mandai, the different sexes occupied different levels - levels 2 and 4 for the ladies and 3 for the men. In the new home, they would not be grouped according to their sex or medical condition / needs. This is neither conducive for the residents nor staff. Can you imagine all the residents with feeding tubes housed in the same family cluster? Instead, the nursing team took pains to carefully allocate beds such that there would be men and women on all floors, their medical conditions notwithstanding. Some beds were also left empty to allow for new residents to mix with the existing ones. In one family cluster for instance, there would be two rooms of females and two of males. In the middle of the four rooms would be the communal dining / kitchenette area. Each level has 3 of such clusters. Staff would be subsequently assigned to look after residents in a particular cluster so both parties get to know one another better and can arrange their own activities as a ‘family’. 2017 January Logistical preparations kicked into high gear as the Big Day approached. As added security was needed given the size of the new home, volunteers from Ngee Polytechnic organised a photo shoot to have everyone’s pictures taken for their new security passes. The nurses also worked with the operations team to meticulously plan the transport arrangements for the day. 8 vans making three trips or 24 trips in total - that is what is needed to ferry all staff and residents safely from Mandai to Jurong West. 44 Home 44 | | St St Joseph’s Joseph’s Home h t n o m E N O before