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The Big Move The morning of 18th February 2017 was like any other and yet there was something different about it. As the staff upstairs zipped about making sure residents made their way down orderly, the dining hall was abuzz with excitement, anticipation, relief...the two-and-a-half year wait for the old home in Jurong West to be redeveloped was finally over and we are about to bid farewell to the temporary dwelling in Mandai. We trace the journey leading up to the Big Move. August 2016 6 months before new handle taff to s e s was h d t e nts’ b e Training id s e r t he o list. ent like eir to-d h m t ip f u o q e t op r item anot he What does it take to move 140 residents and 60 staff to a bigger home? Staff training is top priority says Assistant Director of Nursing Sr Gillian Beins. “We needed to prepare the staff, not only physically but mentally so that they have the right frame of mind to work as a team and collaborate with other departments. We also did a lot of training with them. Now we have 139 residents. When we move back, at full capacity, we will have 412 residents over 5 levels. Each level is like one nursing home so a lot changes need to be made.” Training the staff to handle new equipment like the residents’ beds was another item top of their to-do list. Unlike the current hospital-like beds, the new ones are wooden and closer to those one would find in a real home than an institution. But they are not short on safety and other features as senior nurse manager Sr Janigi Mohan explains “The cotside rails are divided into 2 sections so one can choose to lower either side rather than the entire length. This keeps residents safe yet allows a certain degree of freedom - they can still sit upright and dangle their legs over the side of the bed. The beds can also be lowered almost all the way to the ground so that if residents fall, the impact is minimised.” Several bed user training sessions were arranged for all staff with a representative from the German manufacturer coming in to demonstrate how the lean, mean machines worked. The staff sat, lay, lifted, pressed and pulled at the various parts to get a better feel of it and Healthcare Assistant GK Sri Soniya says “This bed is so much more convenient to push in and pull out as it’s much lighter compared to the old beds. 1.7x metre-tall Nursing aide Hortillosa Joylyn Sazon likes the extendable feature of the bed the most “All the better for residents who are of the same height as me or taller” St Joseph’s Home | | 43 43 St Joseph’s Home