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Serving to Change S E R V I C E S DEMENTIA CARE Located on the second level, residents with dementia and who require supervision receive care from a dedicated clinical team. The staff to resident ratio is kept small so the care team can get to know the residents better and tailor programmes to meet individual needs. Examples of such programmes include cooking, equine therapy and craft sessions. St Joseph’s Home also offers Dusk-to- Dawn, an overnight respite service for caregivers of persons with dementia. S E R V I C E S MUSIC THERAPY 40 | St Joseph’s Home This is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a music therapist. Music is used with older adults to increase or maintain their level of physical, mental, and social/emotional functioning. The sensory and intellectual stimulation of music can help maintain a person’s quality of life. The goals of music therapy are generally aimed at improving physical and cognitive functioning, to alleviate pain in conjunction with pain medication, elevate mood and emotional states, enhance memory and facilitate movement for physical rehabilitation with the physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams.