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Serving to Change S P A C E S GYM TONIC S P A C E S HYDROPOOL Fully sponsored by Lien Foundation as part of their pilot trial, the gym enables even frail seniors to build strength and flexibility without injuring themselves. The fitness equipment uses air pressure as a form of resistance rather than bar weights as regular gyms do. This means the machines can be calibrated more finely to meet the needs of the person using it thus enhancing their workout experience. Hydrotherapy or water therapy is an alternative to land based exercises which may be unsuitable for residents perhaps due to the strain this causes on their joints and muscles. The buoyancy from being in the water allows them to move more freely with less resistance compared to being on land. As the water in the pool is heated, residents also benefit from the warmth which can help alleviate pain and stiffness. 38 | St Joseph’s Home Quick facts • Pool can hold up to 3 residents at any one time • An overhead pulley system can hoist a resident from chair to pool and back • Water temperature ranges from 15 to 45°C; during sessions it’s kept at 34°C • Flooring can be raised to 0.02 metres or lowered to 1.7 metres from the surface • 3 underwater cameras provide live images of residents’ underwater movements