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S P A C E S INFANT AND CHILDCARE + INTERGENERATIONAL PLAYGROUND With a maximum capacity of up to 50+ infants and children aged 2 months to 6 years, this centre promises much laughter and joy in the immediate term and a reduced fear of ageing and of seniors in the longer horizon. More practically, it could also make it easier for new mums to come back to work, in a nursing home no less. So while this is no money spinner for now, the centre could reap unforseen benefits for the home when we least expect it. It is run by our own staff who are qualified early childhood educators. S P A C E S THE GARDEN The lush landscaping needs regular upkeep for sure, but for many residents who have never lived in a home bigger than a small HDB flat, it’s like having their own garden in a large home. It’s the first thing that greets them now when they open their door to their inner corridor. And did we mention the calming effect the colour green has on the eyes and soul? St Joseph’s Home | 37