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How’s your ? h t l a e H l Spiritua yourself and ally well? Is it the ability to love What does it mean to be spiritu in life? Or tment from finding your purpose others? Or that sense of conten s, staying les happy come what may. Regard maybe it’s just being able to be started. They e’s several questions to get you Her rk. wo es tak lthy hea ally spiritu ’s Home. e Guide developed by St Joseph are adapted from the Pastoral Car Do you need to work harder at your spiritual health? Yes, if you find yourself saying or thinking these things: • • • • • • I just want to give up, it’s not worth living anymore (sense of despai r) Look at me, I am not me anymore. It is so embarrassing. (sense of loss of dignity) Everyone is so busy...too busy to bother about me. (sense of loneline ss) I think my illness is a punishment for something I did when I was young. (sense of guilt) I am unimportant such that when I die, my friends will move on. (sense of being left out) I feel I have never done anything in my life and now it is too late (sense of meaninglessness) • I am ready to go...but it is not happening. (sense of powerlessnes s) • Sometimes I am not sure if there is a loving God upstairs that has my interest in mind. (sense of religious struggle) Questions that you can ask yourself to ascertain your spiritual health and accompanying follow-up action • Who or what provides you with strength and hope? Is it positive? // Can you surround yourself greater positivity? e.g positive friends, thoughts, events, activi ties • How would you describe your philosophy in life? Do you stand firm on your beliefs or go with the crowd? // Could you find ways to stand by your beliefs in all situat ions? • What does suffering mean to you? // Are there alternative ways to look at it? • What kind of person do you see yourself as? // Is there room for you to change the things you feel need changing? How? What steps can you take? • What do you see is the purpose for your life? // How can you take steps to go about identifying it if need be? • Do you use prayer in your life? Does your faith help you cope with difficult situations? // If you have no faith, are there other positive things in life that can help you cope better? How can you take steps to build these things ? • As you think about the future, what worries you most? What are your hopes and what legacy would you like to leave behind? // What steps can you take to make them happen? St Joseph’s Home | | 35 35 St Joseph’s Home