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3 Spiritual care 4 Social care WHAT IS IT: We are made to be social so spending our days alone is unusually bad for the mind, body and soul and research has shown it can even lead to earlier deaths. But someone with 100 friends can still feel lonelier than the person with just 2 friends but deep friendships. It’s not about the number, but the quality of the relationships and how the person perceives them. WHY IT MATTERS: A support network is crucial to a person’s health. Someone without friends or family to dine with could end up eating bread or plain porridge with soya sauce at every meal, leading to malnutrition not to mention other conditions like depression. The real reason for someone WHAT IS IT: Most care revolves around this - specialist clinics, acting out or having problems with their GPs, hospitals and nursing homes zoom zoom in first on the medication? Possibly more likely the physical body parts, making every effort to keep them in tip top lack of good support than early shape. Usually that involves a pill, a procedure or a surgery to stage dementia. make things right again. But the illness or injury may only be a 5 Physical care symptom of something deeper… WHY IT MATTERS: The psychological state of a person affects their reactions to things or events and influences behaviour intentionally or otherwise. Caring about how people make sense of their world can help one understand the context behind some of the seemingly inexplicable things people may say or do. In reality, discussing the need for different types of care is easier than actually providing it. For care to really resonate with the recipient requires that one goes the extra mile. It could mean anticipating the person’s needs or going out of your way to fulfil a birthday wish articulated months ago and forgotten. At St Joseph’s Home, we strive to practise this in ways big and small, knowing this is what will make the difference in someone else’s life. StJ St Joseph’s Home | 29