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Serving to Change 5 CARE DONE WAYS When we think about caring for someone in a hospital or a nursing home, we might think only of the physical aspects - is she safe? Is she taking her meds? Perhaps stereotypical ways of portraying old age as being synonymous with ill health and visits to the doctor have conditioned us to focus mainly on the physical. But there’s so much more to care than just helping one get from point A to B safely. At St Joseph’s Home, we try to practise all forms depending on the person’s needs and state. 1 Psychological Care 2 Emotional care WHAT IS IT: How do you frame the lens through which you view the world? What’s your attitude to life? And how is it influenced by your personality? WHY IT MATTERS: The psychological state of a person affects their reactions to things or events and influences behaviour intentionally or otherwise. Caring about how people make sense of their world can help one understand the context behind some of the seemingly inexplicable things people may say or do. 28 | St Joseph’s Home