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54 30 60 24 8 things you didn’t know about St Serving to Change Joseph’s Home - We made royalty and regular folk feel at home 28 Care Done 5 Ways - Every resident as a person, not patient As the needs of the people grew, so St joseph’s Home also evolved to start new services and programmes to transform the experience of ageing for those who need care 30 How the New St Joseph’s Home Changing to Serve Turning 40 is reason to celebrate as much as it is a chance to embark on the next exciting phase of growth. Increasingly affluent and educated consumers who need to buy the services of a nursing home will want to continue ageing on their own terms. As such, the home is experimenting with new ways of bringing the best care and purposeful programmes possible to meet diverse desires and needs Came to Be - What was the thinking behind the new six-storey building? 36 Build-to-Order - New services, better programmes 49 Riding the Digital Wave - Telegeriatrics and the silent call bell system 54 Get me a Bed Already! - Instagram-worthy pics of the home 56 One Big Community - It takes a village to support our seniors Even the men are into this - chocolate facials 57 58 Hot shots - teen baristas charm us with their potent Friday brew jamming session 60 ⇒ Cheat sheet to starting an art 66 ⇒ Shop like a pro with these 5 tips , 72 Talking Point - what do our neighbours think of nursing homes, seniors and ageing? 75 The New Kid On The Block - introducing our princes and princesses 72