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2 3 From Left: Sister Elizabeth Law, Sister Mary Wong, the late former Archbishop Gregory Yong, Sister Geraldine, Sister Mary Tay (in grey) and Sister Elizabeth Yeo SINGAPORE’S FIRST LOCAL ARCHBISHOP SPENT HIS FINAL YEARS HERE In 2004, four years after his term as Archbishop ended, Gregory Yong moved into St Joseph’s Home and spent the next four years here until his death in 2008. Apart from helping out in the various activities around the home, the late former Archbishop also prayed with and for other residents. Yong was the first local-born Archbishop and only the country’s second to assume this title after taking over from Frenchman Michael Olcomendy. Yong died unexpectedly of heart failure. THE LATE FORMER PRESIDENT WEE KIM WEE WAS A REGULAR VISITOR TO THE HOME When the late former President Wee Kim Wee discovered that a former teacher Ms Ruth Mosbergen was a resident at St Joseph’s Home, he became a regular visitor. She was his first school teacher and he regarded her as “akin to his second mother” whose “golden qualities….as a human being...was too tedious to list.” Since then, he would visit her every year without fail to celebrate her birthday. When he had to travel overseas, he would send a family member on his behalf. As a regular visitor, the care showered by the Sisters did not escape him, “I had the opportunity to see first hand how the matron, sisters and all the others in this home provide such tender care and love to keep her company that all the money in the world could not have got”, the late Mr Wee said at the home’s 25th anniversary celebration in 2003. The late former President Wee Kim Wee with his former teacher Ms Ruth Mosbergen who was a resident at St Joseph’s Home St Joseph’s Home | 25