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Moving from Mandai to th e newly rede St Joseph’s H veloped ome in Februa ry 2017 Day of relocation from Mandai to 36 Jurong West Street 24. The new home is sited at the same location as the old one but due to road realignment, the new home was given a new address. MOVING A SECOND TIME In 2013, the idea to build a third version of St Joseph’s Homs was mooted. This was to address not only the impending land lease expiry, but to respond to the government’s call for more aged care support. So a design team was formed to oversee the development of the new care space which will build on the foundation of the first two homes. Looking back, Sr Mary says she is happy with the way the home has turned out. Even after 40 years, “the home is still true to its mission of looking after those most in need and is transforming itself to meet the needs of the future senior cohorts.” StJ St Joseph’s Home | 15