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p of staff u First gro Residents taking part in Sports high cholesterol. He later roped in his peers Dr Philip Tan, Dr Quek Peng Kiang and Dr Lim Poh Heng to help out when the resident numbers rose. A year later in 1979, Sr Geraldine Tan, who had not yet joined the Canossian order then, offered her services as a nurse volunteer. She had just been baptised and drove herself to the home on her days off to help the Sisters. Although a Catholic home founded on Christian values, the Sisters never tried to convert others to their faith. This is “the Catholic way” says Sr Mary, “to bring God’s love to others through action and not through words or by force.” A NEW CALLING Following the closure of the ‘death houses’ in Sago Lane in 1961, the dying who had little to no family support had nowhere else to turn to in their final hours. Meanwhile, the hospice movement to provide more and better care for this group of people was growing overseas. Inspired by what he and his friends had witnessed, philanthropist Dr Ee Peng Liang wanted to do something similar in Singapore. He found like-minded Day Residents learning how to broadway dance from left: Volunteer doctors Dr Philip Tan, Dr Quek Peng Kiang, Dr Lee Chang Long and Dr Lim Poh Heng Residents home’s in one of the ageants Christmas p St Joseph’s Home | 11