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8 Access to Technology: It has been well documented that social interaction, particularly with family and community networks, is strongly associated with a range of positive mental health outcomes. 2 Although relationships between Internet use, social capital and wellbeing is a complex construct, but having technology supports the notion that communities can be developed without regular face-to-face communication and the Internet has positive social effects on both individuals and communiti es. 3 This is especially important for youth in foster care, as access to a cell phone or computer could help children and youth to communicate with parents, guardian, relatives and friends and it might be a positive form of social capital. Computer and Broadband Internet: The percentage of households with computer and broadband Internet is higher in Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights than Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor. Computer 80.8% 85.4% Broadband Internet 75.8% 77.5% Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights (% of households with computer of any kind) References: Risk and Protective Factors for Child abuse and Neglect, Child Welfare Information Gateway, February 2004. Mulvaney-Day, N. E., Alegria, M., & Sribney, W. (2007). Social cohesion, social support, and health among Latinos in the United States. Social Science & Medicine, 64, 477–495. 3. Solomon, R., & Peterson, M. (1994). Successful aging: How to help your patients cope with change. Geriatrics, 49 41–49. 1 2.