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7 Protective factors (Social Network & Resources): The public library is an important institution since it is public space where people of the community gather, meet one another and freely access com- munity resources that may be helpful in building community cohesion and social network. Youth living outside home could benefit by participating in activities, volunteering for events and accessing resources at the public libraries. The number of library staff is double in Port Rich- mond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor than in Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights. Heights Public Library: Social relationships and networks that support healthy development is essential for all young people. Positive connections in the family and community are associated with lower level of unhealthy risk taking behavior and good social support network can increase the resilience of children and families. # of Library Staff Library Budget 48 $4,371,884 24 $4,698,954 Public Parks: Public parks not only promote increased physical activity but also a place for social networking, personal recreation and other activities that create social bonds between individuals and groups, specially for children and youth. Parks and Recreation: Land use for public parks, open space and recreation is higher in Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights (29.9 percent), compared to Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor (15.3 percent). Although residential areas in both the community districts is comparable (51.2 and 50.8 percent). Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights