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6 Family Structure: The conditions and experiences within a home such as single parenting, separations and divorces, and parental attitudes can place children at risk for maltreatment and abuse. Household Composition: The rate of single mothers with children is higher in Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor compared to Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights and the NYC average. The rate of divorces in both the community districts is lower than NYC average. Divorced (% ages 15+) Single Mother with children Single Father with children (% of households) (% of households) Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor 6.9% 13.2% 2.6% Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights 6.8% 5.1% 1.7% NYC 7.8% 8.7% 1.9% Social and Neighborhood Factors: A number of socio-economic characteristics of neighborhoods have been shown to correlate with the child abuse and maltreatment rates. Children who live in neighborhoods that are characterized by poverty, unemployment and exces- sive number of children per adult are at higher risk of maltreatment. 1 Unemployment, Poverty and Homelessness: The rates of unemployment and poverty are higher in Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights compared to Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor. The percentage of unemploy­ment is lower in both the community districts than NYC average. Unemployment Poverty Homelessness (% ages 16+) (% of households with income below NYC CEO poverty line) (Families entering homeless shelters per 1,000 households) Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor 5.1% 11.6% 3.2% Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights 5.4% 21.5% 0.3% NYC 6.6% 21% 3.3%