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3 Key Findings Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor (Staten Island) Human Development Index Score Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor’s Human Development Index value is 5.52 out of a possible total of 10. This score is similar to the NYC’s average value of 5.54 and well below the Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights (Brooklyn) value of 6.31, New Springville & South Beach score 6.54 and Tottenville, Great Kills & Annadale (Staten Island) score 6.53. Income & Occupation The median personal earnings of Port Richmond, Sta- pleton & Mariner’s Harbor residents are approximate $2000 higher than NYC average and $1000 higher than Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights. In terms of occupa- tional categories, 35 percent have jobs in manage- ment, business, science and the arts; 25 percent in the service sector; 21 percent work in sales and office; 9.5 percent in production, transportation and material moving; and 9 percent have jobs in natural resources, construction and maintenance. Health Port Richmond’s residents can expect to live to an average age of 78.2 years – three years shorter than Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights’ life expectancy of 81.5 and 2 years shorter than the NYC average of 80.6. Education In Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor, nearly half of the adults over the age of 25 completed high school and some college, compared to 44.7 percent NYC’s average. The rate of adults who completed a bachelor’s degree is only 17.1 percent, well below the NYC’s average 21.1 percent. Failing to complete high school or a bachelor’s degree is associated with a variety of poor outcomes, the most obvious being economic burden. Risks to Children In Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor, the number of children under 18 living with incomes below poverty, 12588, is twice that of Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights. The youth disconnection rate is 21.4 percent and 13.2 single mothers living with children. Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor faces a relatively high rate of youth ages 16 to 24 who are nei- ther working nor in school, also known as disconnected youth, compared to NYC average of 15.8 percent. The rate of child abuse in Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor is 36 percent, slightly lower than NYC average of 37.7 percent. The total number of foster care placements is 175 (by borough of origin) well above the NYC average of 67. Port Richmond, Stapleton & Mariner’s Harbor has a higher rate of children living with a single parent, and 10 percent of residents living in a dilapidated building and the high housing burden, as a result many children growing in families with limited resources.