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Code APS-006 Material PET, Paper 94 x 150 x 1 mm Size Count 1 sheets Price \ 1,800 Pressed Flower Sticker _ Four leaf clover This is a pressed-flower type Four leaf clover sticker made by 꽃과 잎을 눌러 말린 압화 형태의 네잎클로버 스티커입니다. 네잎클로버의 꽃말 pressing flowers and leaves. The floral language of four leaved 은 행운 입니다. 아일랜드 국화인 클로버는 유럽이 원산이며 잎은 일반적으로 세 clovers is “fortune.” Clover, Irish chrysanthemum, is originated in 잎이지만 자연상태에서 네잎클로버를 찾을 확률은 1/10,000 이라서 찾는 사람에게 Europe, and its leaves are generally three, yet the probability of dis- 는 행운이 찾아온다는 믿음을 오랫동안 가지고 있습니다. covering four leaved clovers in their natural state is 1 out of 10,000, so they have long believed that fortune comes to those who look for it. * It is not a real pressed flower, but a printed sticker made by re- editing the images of the pressed flower. *실제 압화가 아닌 압화 이미지를 재편집한 인쇄 스티커 입니다.