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Color Yellow / Red Code ALMM-Y03 / ALMM-R03 Material Paper, Rubber magnets Package 100 x 150 mm Size (L) 55 x 45 mm, (S) 35 x 38 mm Count 3 leaves Price \ 3,200 Leaf Magnet _ Maple Leaf magnet maple is the leaf shaped magnet. As autumn wind 리프마그넷 단풍은 나뭇잎 모양의 자석입니다. 가을이라 가을바람 솔솔 불어오니 blows because it’s autumn, green leaf changes its clothes to red 푸른 잎은 붉은 치마 갈아입고서 산과 물을 붉게 물들입니다. 곱게 물든 단풍을 skirt and color the mountain and water red. While looking at beau- 바라 보며 내 마음도 붉게 물들여 깊어가는 가을의 낭만을 내 가장 가까운 공간 tifully colored autumn leaves and coloring your mind red as well, 안에서 즐기세요. enjoy deepening romance of autumn in your closest space.