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Code APS-018 Material PET, Paper 94 x 150 x 1 mm Size Count 1 sheets Price \ 1,800 Pressed Flower Sticker _ Dusty miller This is a pressed-flower type Dusty miller sticker made by pressing 꽃과 잎을 눌러 말린 압화 형태의 백묘국 스티커입니다. 백묘국의 꽃말은 온화함, flowers and leaves. The flower language of Dusty miller is ‘mild- 행복의 확인, 당신을 지탱합니다 입니다. 잎에 흰 눈이 내린 듯 털로 덮인 모습 때 ness’, ‘confirmation of happiness’ and ‘supporting you’. It is also 문에 눈을 닮은 국화라 하여 설국 이라고도 하며 겨울이 연상되는 생김새와 달리 called ‘snowy chrysanthemum’ which means chrysanthemum to 여름에 노란 꽃을 피워냅니다. look like snow as it seems to be covered with hair as if white snow fell down on its leaf, and its flower blooms in yellow in the summer while its shape hints at winter. * It is not a real pressed flower, but a printed sticker made by re- editing the images of the pressed flower. *실제 압화가 아닌 압화 이미지를 재편집한 인쇄 스티커 입니다.