My first Magazine Cyber Security Reshaping the World of Information

Cyber Security Reshaping the World of Information Technology Cyber Security is becoming a strategic imperative for organization owing to increased focus on preventing information in the wake of high profile data thefts and breaches. The worldwide spending on cybersecurity is increasing as it is becoming difficult to keep pace with the rise in cybercrimes and malware attacks on governments, BFSI and healthcare organizations. Disruptive and emerging technology in the banking, retail, information technology, defense, and automotive sector, among others, have offered new capabilities, automation, and ease of working in the recent past. However, these technologies have also created a strong factor in the development of global threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware. The emerging threat landscape is observed with an increased cybercrime activates growing in the global digital era. Comprehensive Info Here Market driver analysis: Growing use of cloud-based security solutions Increasing cyber threats