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Guarda is located in the region of Beira Interior Norte of Portugal, with its highest point at 1056,3 meters of sea level and it’s known by its 5 F’s:

FORTE (Strong) – due its high localization

FARTA (Full) – due to the fertility of the soils that give it the gastronomic riches

FRIA (Cold) – due to the mountain climate

FIEL (Faithful) – due to the loyal attitude of Álvaro Gil Cabral

FORMOSA (Beautiful) – due to its natural beautiful



This 3-days program will take you to discover the highest city of Portugal, inserted in the mountainous landscape of Serra da Estrela, with vestiges of human occupation since Prehistory and with charter attributed in 1199. This city, known by the purest and healthy air of Portugal is the heir of a rich and unique cultural heritage. Await you warm, friendly and hospitable people. It will be obligatory to contemplate the numerous religious monuments, the beauty of the landscape and to delight in the flavors of the Beira cuisine


Accommodation and breakfast

2 lunches and 2 dinners (drinks not included)

Activities mentioned in the program

Tickets at the places to visit

Access to the digital roadmap – APP





165 €