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Guarda-Celorico da beira -Folgosinho-Linhares da beira

Guarda: welcome reception in the highest city of Portugal

Linhares da Beira: medieval village of the XII century, classified as Historical Village of Portugal that meets the ideal conditions of climate and relief for the practice of Paragliding

Folgosinho: village located on the north slope of Serra da Estrela, at 933 meters altitude, which offers a landscape to lose sight of

Lunch: innumerable delicacies of the beirã kitchen like regional stuffed, rabbit, wild boar, kid, veal, suckling pig and like cream milk dessert or the typical curd with sweet pumpkin

Celorico da Beira: capital of the Serra da Estrela Cheese - tasting and discovering the art of its manufacture

Trancoso: classified as one of the Historical Villages of Portugal, which still today is surrounded by walls of D. Dinis period

Dinner: awakening of the senses, through the flavors and aromas of grilled charcoal.




Guarda: with traces of human occupation since prehistory and with charter attributed in 1199, this towering city, known as the city of 5 F's has the purest and healthiest air of Portugal; in this district capital let yourself be captivated by the vestiges of history visiting the Cathedral, the historic center, the Jewish quarter and the main monuments of the city: Churches, Solares, Towers of walls, Fountains and Pelourinhos

Lunch: traditional "Cooked to Portuguese" readjusted to products of the region

Visit to the Rio Diz Park, where nature is confused with people's daily lives; space where the fun of children is not forgotten, but the paths to walk are kings...


In Guarda there are many ways to

cook mountain meat ...

we showed you some!

We invite you to come back and try some more!

All Included