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Guarda: welcome reception in the highest city of Portugal and capital of the district

Visi the Cathedral, a work of religious architecture, Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Mannerist and Baroque styles, Praça Luís de Camões and the historic city center

Lunch: "Cod to the Count of Guarda", a cod dish that welcomes the name of this city

Stroll to the city, noting the harmony between the marks of the past and the features of the present and apreciating the main monuments Museums, Churchs, Wall Towers, Solares, fountains and Pelourinhos

Suggestion: a visit to "Cod Drought" at Gafanha da Encarnação (Ílhavo - Aveiro), where green salted cod purchased from Iceland and Norway is transformed into dry salted, following the procedures of the Traditional Portuguese Cure

Dinner: "Cod with wild mushrooms", a trip to the memories of a local tradition that join one of the region's endogenous products

Night tour of the city, admiring the language of lights and sounds that enchant you

Guarda: Journey through a different culture, apreciating what remains of the Jewish community that once existed in Guarda

Lunch: "Cod of the Chef", in which the protagonist presents irresistibly covered by a tasty crust of cornbread

Visit to the Rio Diz Park, where nature is confused with people's daily lives; space where the fun of children is not forgotten, but the paths to walk are kings...

It is said that in Portugal there are 365 ways of cooking cod ...

we showed you some! We invite you to return to taste some more!




All Included