My first Magazine 2018 Quarter 4 Town Notes with Election Candidates - Page 7

Candidates for Council Klaus Said I recently retired after a 35-year career in Investment Banking in Frankfurt, Germany, London, and New York. I spent 17 years at JP Morgan in the fixed income trading division trading interest rate derivatives, merging markets debt instruments and foreign currencies. I was responsible for some of JP Morgan’s global trading businesses from 1993 until 2001 and subsequently was global head of all currency, moment market, and precious metals trading for Credit Suisse in New York until 2006. I then spent time as a portfolio manager of a large family office and founded an independent currency trading firm in 2013. I graduated from the University of Cologne, Germany with a BA in Business studies and from the Graduate School for Business Administration in St. Gall, Switzerland with an MBA. Laura and I have been married for 30 years and we have three children Nicholas (28), Robert (25) and Charlotte (23). We are residents of South Carolina but also spend time in Greenwich, CT. I am an avid golfer and have a keen interest in modern history and politics. I have no previous experience in local government, but Kiawah is home for us now and I am keen to volunteer my time and whatever expertise might be useful to the Town Council. Meet the Candidates Tuesday, November 13 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. The Sandcastle Hear directly from Town Council and Mayoral candidates on important Town of Kiawah Island issues. Hosted by KICA. • Submit questions (at the meeting or in advance). • Wine and hors-d'oeuvres will be served. • Questions for candidates can be submitted in advance. Please RSVP to Holly Newman at Chris Widuch My name is Chris Widuch. I have served on the Kiawah Island Town Council for the past two years and I am running for a second term. My wife Theresa and I have been full-time residents of Kiawah since 2009. I spent 30 years in the steel industry until my retirement in 2015; the last twelve years as President of a mid-size steel distribution firm with multiple locations in the eastern US. This executive background has been valuable on Town Council as issues have been brought before us which have required a quick education and thorough understanding of multiple viewpoints. In addition to the typical business before the Council, topics such as island development, beach re-nourishment, and budgets, I have focused much of my energies on three issues which have both a short and long-term impact on our residents. First, I chaired a subcommittee to review our current law enforcement model and recommend changes going forward. As a growing island with more homes, more full time and part time residents, and new and expanding tourist facilities, the Town’s long-time practice of employing off-duty Charleston County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) Deputies is bumping up against capacity constraints. Taking a long-term view, we concluded we need a different approach to our policing needs. We have recommended, and Town Council has endorsed, moving to a locally based policing model. Under this approach, Kiawah will contract with the CCSO to provide full-time Deputies, permanently assigned to Kiawah twenty-four hours per day, every day of the year. This change still requires County Council approval, and will, if adopted, take up to three years to fully implement. But I believe this change is needed and will benefit us greatly when implemented. Second, I was asked by the Mayor to help investigate ways of making the Town’s permitting process more customer friendly; to lessen the bureaucratic maze residents are forced to navigate when improving their homes. The professionals within Kiawah’s Building Department held a similar goal. Together we recommended a revision to the permitting process which cuts the need for permits roughly in half. We maintained the requirements for any work involving structural or safety issues of any sort (i.e., electrical, plumbing, gas, etc.) but we eliminated the Town’s requirement for residents to obtain a permit for aesthetic or decorative changes to their homes. The third issue I have focused on has been the dangerous condition of a home located mid-island. This home has become more than an eyesore; the structure has been breached by the elements, is rat infested, and is a safety risk to neighbors. I have worked to confront this issue and move the condemnation process forward. We are following all court procedures to have this structure legally condemned and torn down to return the neighborhood to its well- maintained state. If re-elected, I will continue to give my full attention to the issues which impact our town. I will remain engaged and focused on what is in the best interest of Kiawah. 7